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Sovereignty University CURRICULUM

Training available through Sovereignty University range from:
insulating yourself from your corporate fiction to employing the principles of natural law;
and assembling your community team to the practical implementation of a new social paradigm.

Some courses can be enrolled in directly on this site. Others will re-direct you to the originators’ site where you may follow their registration processes. This also happens in reverse, where workshops provided by Activate Us are promoted through their channels; thus creating a non-hierarchical grassroots network of sovereignty learning.

The Sovereignty University “node” within this network centres around Upgrading Society’s Operating System, while other academies within the network may be focused on more specific sectors of society like Wholistic Wellness, Food Production, Manufacturing, or Youth Studies (for examples). Each academy is independent and playing it’s own role within the evolution of society, while we interdependently network, supporting the evolution as a whole.

The Course Categories below outline the practical and clerical transition to sovereignty and abundance as presented in The BRIDGE and Sea to Sovereignty.


The BRIDGE model    /    First Phase Cascade     /    Starter Kit

New Paradigm
Business & Finance

Accounting (traditional)
Metabolism Accounting
Business After Capitalism
People-Centric Business Planning

Community Collaboration

Decision Making
Leadership (particularly non-hierarchical)
Dispute Resolution

Personal Development

Triggers & Traumas
Creating Space
Personality / Ego
Human Capacity
Biological Algorithm
Navigating Space & Time

Sea to Sovereignty

Course #1   /   Course #2   /   Course #3

Knowing the Seascape

Terminology, Symbology, Grammar
Strawman, Birth Certificates, Corporate Fiction

Maritime Admiralty

Exiting Maritime Admiralty
Engaging with Maritime Admiralty after exiting

Private Domain

Private Member Associations 

Natural Law

Remedy / Controversy
Relation Between Public, Private and Natural


Private Banks
Local Currencies

You may have noticed the Sovereignty University Curriculum focuses more on How to do, as opposed to What to do as we transition society from tyranny & austerity to sovereignty & abundance. This is because the stuff we do in society doesn’t define our civilisation so much as how we do it. For example:

  • Living off the land is wonderful, but taking out a mortgage to buy that land perpetuates the old paradigm.
  • Trading goods and services may feel like an honourable way of interacting, but that’s the exact starting point of the financial systems in place today.
  • One voice one vote may seem like an equitable form of governance and decision making, but it also opens the door to the interference we hear reported all over the world now.
  • The Rise of the Feminine offers exciting potential, but without balancing it with masculine it would likely usher in an equivalent tyranny, only from the other side of the spectrum.

This concept is explained further in the BRIDGE to a Parallel Society webinar. Sovereignty University teaches a new HOW; a different Societal Operating System, if you will, so the thousands of humanitarian initiatives emerging today have a much stronger chance of creating the future we desire. It’s not enough to do different things, we need to do different things differently. 

Do you have a course, workshop or resource you feel would support the Sovereignty University Curriculum?

Super! Please reach out and connect with us here. Tell us something about yourself and your course. We’ll schedule a call to review your information and get to know one another. If we mutually feel that partnering would be a beneficial fit, we’ll take it from there.

Do you have an academy, platform, or location where our courses should be shared?

That’d be great! Our courses are already set up to share on your website or social media. We even have in-person workshops available for local action groups. Check out the “Activate Us Original” category to see what is available (so far!).

Do you have important information to share that fits within the Sovereignty University Curriculum but have neither an established course nor a platform?

No problem! Please email us here and we’ll see what tools, resources, support or encouragement we can offer to help structure your expertise into a shareable workshop.